Tips on How To Get Over a Cheating Boyfriend

March 26, 2009

Your boyfriend cheated on you. So what, just get over it. Believe me. I’ve always been a shoulder to many crying women and the advice I give has incessantly been like this:

Cry your Heart Out

You might feel sad at the idea of your beau cheating on you when in fact you never presented him any cause to. You did your part of the relationship by being honest and truthful still, this is what you get in return. Right Away you are blue, you cry your heart out; just because you you sensed betrayal but more so, hurt. Go let it out. There’s no use taking all the hatred in.

Eat Ice Cream

You may not recognize yet but this is one of the best interventions there is when it comes to broken hearts. Eating ice cream does not only gratify your craving particularly if you have a tooth for sweets. When you eat a frozen delight, it reminds you of a happy memory that you will be able to remember. It gives out a soothing effect because you just want to dull yourself from the world.

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Use your Brain instead of the Heart


You have to realize that you should be reasonable at all times. Just because you want to own those feelings of belonging to someone doesn’t really imply that it will stick that manner everlastingly. Love is a journey, and you just have to be sensible and utilize whatever your mind says. It’s fabulous to follow your heart, but it would be wiser to follow your brain.

Dump Him

There’s no use over holding your boyfriend unless he has a thorough explanation because being a guy, he will likely do it again to you anytime soon; especially if you forgive him right away. He’ll most likely abuse you and your kindness and you will go over crying your heart out over again.


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March 26, 2009

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